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The Peacock Polytunnel pack comes with :

  • heavy duty brown band 33.7mm od & 2.6mm wall thickness galvanized hoops,
  • anti drip diffusing 800 gauge (200 microns) thermic polythene,
  • heavy duty galvanized ground bars with grounding plates and clamps,
  • all fixings for base rail
  • fixings for door frame
  • heavy duty galvanized bracing with p-clip fixings
  • joiners with tec screws
  • ridge bar crossover clamps

Not included:
To keep cost down it is not practical to transport timber as this is easily purchased locally at your nearest hardware shop;

You or your installer will need to get the following for this tunnel;

58 mtrs of 4"x2" treated timber, 116 mtrs of 2"x1" treated timber and a pack of 60mm decking screws (200)

Most clients make their own doors, but if you're not, don't forget to add 2 single polythene/timber doors (these come complete with hinges and bolt lock) to the checkout basket.

crop bars are optional , please select amount you require (match hoops)

The Peacock - 4.6 meters wide x 13 meters long