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Got a question and can't find the answer below?  We are more than happy to provide further information, contact us by email at with your question today.

  • Can I construct my polytunnel with ease?
    Constructing your polytunnel will take planning and preparation. Using our instruction manual you will easyily be able to follow the steps to construct your polytunnel. Alternatively you may wish to hire a local handyman or handywoman to help you in your efforts.
  • Do they blow away on strong winds?
    This is one of the most often asked questions, given the strong winds we get here in Ireland. If the polytunnel structure is serviced regularly and our instructions are followed when you are putting it all together then any damage from strong winds is unlikely.
  • What can I grow in my polytunnel?
    Anything! All types of flowers and plants can be grown in your polytunnel.
  • Where is the best place to put my polytunnel?
    Situate your polytunnel as near to your house as possible. Avoid tall trees on the south side and pick a nice sunny spot. If you have high winds then putting your tunnel near a wall can help too.
  • What can they be used for?
    Polytunnels were originally designed for use to nurture plants just as you would in a glasshouse. However, over recent years their uses have covered a multiple of customer requirements. Anything that requires protection from the elements, swimming pool covers, sheep shelters, play area for kids or perhaps an art studio are are just some of the ways people use our polytunnels.
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