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Savour the Summer Harvest: Top Veggies to Grow in Ireland's Sunny Season

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

What a phenomenal few weeks it has been! We have been absolutely blessed with the weather. I don't know about you but we have made the most of it and spent my evenings in the garden which got me thinking "What else can we grow?".

Well, as temperatures begin to return to normal here, we thought we would take a look at what veg is most suitable for your polytunnel during the summer months.

In June, Ireland usually experiences relatively mild temperatures and longer daylight hours great for spending time out doors! This also provides favourable conditions for growing a variety of crops in a polytunnel.

What to plant in June?

Here are just a few suggestions for crops you can grow in your polytunnel:

1. Tomatoes: June is an excellent time to grow tomatoes in a polytunnel. Choose a variety suitable for greenhouse cultivation and provide support for the plants as they grow, such as a trellis. This helps protect the plant from any bugs that may have suck in and provides easier access to the fruit as they grow.

2. Cucumbers: Cucumbers thrive in the warm and humid environment of a polytunnel. You can grow them vertically using trellises or allow them to trail along the ground.

3. Salad Greens: Continue to sow and harvest various salad greens such as lettuce, spinach, rocket, and microgreens. They grow well in the cooler temperatures of a polytunnel.

4. Herbs: Many herbs can be grown in a polytunnel, including basil, parsley, coriander, and mint. They benefit from the controlled environment and will provide a fresh supply for your kitchen experiments.

5. Beans: French beans and other varieties can be grown in a polytunnel during June. Ensure they have proper support if you choose to grow pole beans.

6. Strawberries: If you have space, consider growing strawberries in containers or raised beds within your polytunnel. June is typically the month for strawberry harvest in Ireland. You won't regret this one! Lovely fresh strawberries for your desserts, salads or maybe just to pop into your summer cocktail of choice. Always a winner.

7. Spring Onions: Sow spring onion seeds to enjoy a continuous harvest throughout the summer. They are relatively quick-growing and can be used in a variety of dishes.

8. Radishes: Radishes are fast-growing and can be harvested within a few weeks. Plant them regularly for a continuous supply of crisp and peppery radishes. Perfect in summer salads.

9. Peppers: Both sweet peppers and chili peppers can be successfully grown in a polytunnel during June. They require warmth and sunlight, so a polytunnel provides an ideal environment.

10. Brassicas: Start seedlings of brassicas such as cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower in June. They will eventually need to be transplanted outdoors, but the polytunnel provides a protected environment for their early growth.

Be aware of individual plant's needs. Directly sown seeds need to be kept moist and very young plants might need watering daily initially.

Remember to consider your specific location, microclimate, and the characteristics of your polytunnel when planning your crops. Adapt your choices according to the available space, light, and ventilation in your polytunnel, and consult local gardening resources for more specific advice based on your region in Ireland.

If you are thinking of getting a polytunnel contact us, we can get you growing.

Ben & Dan



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